School hours and Attendance

Start of day and daily fitness begins

End of fitness


End of recess

Pre Primary lunch and eating time

Years 1-7 lunch and eating time

Play time

Prepare for class

End of lunch

End of school day

Attendance at school

Daily attendance and punctual arrival of students is compulsory as laid down in the Education Act; this includes Kindy and Pre-Primary students. Acceptable reasons for absence from the school are for illness, medical and dental appointments. Students taking “In-Term” holidays will require parents to fill in the appropriate form available from the front office. Parents need to write a note to their children’s teacher or see the class teacher personally giving the reason for any absence from school. Students must NOT leave the school grounds without written permission from parents/carers. Unless otherwise advised, it will be assumed that information supplied will be accurate for the current school year.

When collecting a child from school before the end of the school day parents are required to collect a Leave Pass at the front office and hand it to the teacher. Late students must report to the office before going to their classroom. This is recorded as ‘late’ and students are issued with a Late Slip. Parents should note that Literacy lessons are frequently held first thing in the day and students who are late will miss those lessons.Again, a student whose attendance falls below 90% is considered to be Educationally “At Risk” of not achieving.