Our school has recently purchased 25 iPads for use in the classroom as a versatile, innovative, learning tool and these are proving to be a very successful way of integrating ICT in the classroom to cater for different students’ learning needs.  Winterfold Primary School have successfully received a grant from the School of Special Education Needs and we have therefore been able to purchase 5 more iPads and a new docking station. We’re lucky to have a fantastic P&C, who contributed to the purchase of the iPads.

Upper primary students have created radio plays, and iMovies and in our early years, students have used Puppet Pals and Book Creator to write stories and plays.  In junior primary, we are also using Australian based apps in phonics and spelling.

In Term 4 2014, staff held a number of informal “Tekkie Brekkie” sessions. Both parents and students were invited to attend to see how we were using iPads in the school.  A light breakfast was served and students could share their work, new apps and experiment with the iPads in a relaxed area.