From the Principal

Welcome to Winterfold Primary School

We are a small, community-oriented Independent Public School situated close to Fremantle.

Our focus is on students achieving their full potential – academically (with our priorities being Literacy, Numeracy and Science) as well as socially and emotionally.

Our diverse community encompasses the full range of students, from the most able children, through to those with special learning needs.  We also have many students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

All individual differences are catered for through our skilled staff and an inclusive approach to all aspects of our education programs.
Our staff comprises of committed, skilled teachers and dedicated support staff working collaboratively to support each child reach their full potential. Our staff have a strong belief that all students can achieve, and we use contemporary and well-respected teaching strategies to enhance learning for all students.  As an Independent Public School, Winterfold Primary has the flexibility to put in place programs and target resources to best cater for individual student needs. Our parents, P&C Association and School Board play active and important roles in our school.  Winterfold Primary School has a strong vision and purpose and strives to be recognised as a school of choice for the surrounding community.

Through our vision, we aim to prepare our students for their future societal roles.

At Winterfold we strive to achieve:

  • Strong Educational programs – our teaching is reflective, responsive and focuses on every student reaching their full potential.
  • Strong Collaboration – our focus is on collaborative practices that foster strong relationships amongst staff, students and our community.
  • Strong Leadership – our leadership is distributed and empowers others.

Our key programs include:

  • Literacy Specialist Teacher (overseeing this priority area)
  • Numeracy Specialist Teacher (overseeing this priority area)
  • Science Co-ordinator (overseeing this priority area)
  • Visual Arts – in our Visual Arts Centre
  • Drama – in our Performing Arts Centre
  • Learning Support Co-ordinator to support students with learning needs.
  • EAL/D Specialist Teacher to support students for whom English is a Second Language
  • Music in our Music Centre
  • Physical Education
  • Highway Heroes – Social and Emotional learning program to enhance student resilience.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any queries.


Phone: 6274 1900