Noongar Boodja

 Noongar Boodja – Noongar Country

Learning Noongar can help us feel more closely connected to Country…

Noongar Boodja, or Country, makes up the south-west corner of Western Australia.



Wadjak Boodja makes up the area now known as the Perth metropolitan area. Beeliar Boodja, the traditional lands of the Beeliar clan led by Midgegooroo and Yagan at the time of colonisation, is the area in which Winterfold Primary School sits.


Sharon Gregory, Noongar Language Consultant, has been teaching language and assisting us with translations here at Winterfold for several years now. She has kindly shared her Noongar sounds pronunciation information to assist you to practise Maar Banga Meka-k at home.

Noongar Sounds

Noongar Speech Sounds

Noongar Vowels & Consonants

To find out more about Sharon’s work as a language teacher and consultant in the community, visit her website: