Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

A Reconciliation Plan (RAP) is a formal statement of commitment to Reconciliation.

Winterfold Primary School used the Narragunnawali platform to create its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) back in 2019 and is currently operating under the third iteration of this important guiding document. The development of the RAP was a collaborative effort between teachers, the executive team and the parents of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who came together to form the Reconciliation Committee. This committee meets termly and has allowed the development of strong reciprocal partnerships and open and honest conversations about making positive changes in the reconciliation space with the ultimate goal of healing the mistakes of the past. A commitment to truth telling and open and honest conversations about the injustices of the past is pivotal to the school’s RAP vision.

The current RAP lists 21 actions which keep us on track with our reconciliation journey. The framework for the RAP centres around building and creating:


In the Classroom
Around the School
With the Community

 The current focus of the Reconciliation Committee is the development of an Anti-Racism Policy and scope and sequence which will enable us to work as a school community to “raise awareness of, teach about, and take positive action about racism”. This action comes under the category of RESPECT in the COMMUNITY.

Download a copy of the Winterfold Primary School RAP here:

Winterfold PS – Reconciliation Action Plan 22-23