School Reports


This Annual Report provides parents and members of the wider community with information about the events, activities and performance of Winterfold Primary School during the period January – December 2023.

This report also outlines the school’s successes and strengths and makes recommendations for future improvement.

It is envisaged that this report will be examined along with student reports, learning programs, newsletters and other school documents in order to gain maximum benefit and an overall perspective of the school’s performance.

Click to view: Annual Report 2023

High standards and high care for all students are the central focus of our commitment to school improvement and accountability. The Business Plan sets broad directions for student and school improvement under the key themes of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Partnerships.

Click to view: Business Plan 2021-2023 


The purpose of the independent review is to provide assurance to the school and its community, the Director General of Education and the Minister for Education on the extent to which the school has met its commitments as outlined in its Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA) and associated Business Plan. Additionally, the findings inform school improvement.

Click to view: IPS Review 2021