Our school

Winterfold Primary is a school with a strong community focus and is situated in Beaconsfield, south east of Fremantle. We are located just south of Fremantle College and Challenger TAFE.

As an Independent Public School, our staff and community are committed to using our increased flexibilities to further enhance the learning needs of our diverse student population. These flexibilities include the ability to select our own staff, employ specialists to address student learning needs, and develop our own policies and procedures. Our school priorities and direction are overseen by the School Board. Read more…

Winterfold has a cosmopolitan student population with wonderful cultural diversity. The school and the local community share a harmonious relationship with all school events being well patronised by parents. The school provides education facilities for children age’s four to twelve and effectively caters for student diversity.

The school is grouped in four clusters across Kindergarten to Year 6. There are four teaching blocks, a purpose built Visual Arts Centre, Performing Arts Centre, Library, Staffroom and an undercover area and an onsite Child Care Facility. The school environment and facilities are well maintained to ensure they cater for the needs of our students through ample play areas that contain two large ovals as well as several playgrounds.

The school is currently implementing the Western Australian Curriculum in the areas of English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science. We endeavour to build students’ resiliency skills and have a strong focus on Student Services and Pastoral Care and have a Learning Support Coordinator and School Chaplaincy program. Selected Year 6 students take part in the Instrumental Music program at Fremantle College, and selected Year 5/6 students attend a range of Primary Extension and Challenge program (PEAC). We provide our students with leadership opportunities and acknowledge their achievements in the areas of academics, physical education and the Arts. Winterfold’s student behaviour management policy revolves around restorative practices, where students are frequently counselled and where positive incentives dominate.

Winterfold Primary School has a strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Science; teachers plan specifically to cater for all learning needs. The school has a very stable and highly skilled staff, where ongoing collaborative planning is the norm. The leadership structure is very flat with most staff taking on leadership roles. This support enables the school to further enrich the learning opportunities as well as ensuring inclusivity.

Winterfold’s size means that it enjoys a community atmosphere with the students and the staff frequently interacting. In close consultation with the Fremantle City Council we established a ‘Living Classroom Garden’. The garden has opened another curriculum avenue where each classroom has the ability to develop and harvest a vegetable garden bed. Our school canteen is also able to access fresh produce to use in student lunches.

The P&C provides strong support to the school and organises a variety of activities that bring our school community together. This is not restricted to just fundraising – they also organise annual events such as Mother and Father parent days, and willingly assist in School and community initiatives that may require additional parent help.

Minor School Project – Junior Nature Playground

Winterfold Primary School were very fortunate to be the recipients of a $20,000 Minor School Project Grant funded by the State Government and endorsed by our local member Simone McGurk, Labor Member for Fremantle.

Ms McGurk visited our school on Friday, 25 November 2022, and met with our Principal, Steve Berry, to view our delightful new nature play area.

We wish to thank Ms McGurk, the State Government, and our wonderful P&C, who also contributed $12,000, providing additional play areas to compliment the area.