Student Services

One of the great things about Winterfold Primary School is that our school is not too large to be impersonal and it is not too small where students’ choices are limited. One advantage of a school this size is that Winterfold has a number of key staff involved in delivering well structured and resourced student services and pastoral care activities.

The Principal and Associate Principal, as well as the Learning Support Coordinator, Visiting Teachers for students with disabilities, School Psychologist and other agencies combine to adopt a Case Management approach to effect improvement for students in this area.

Through our case management approach we continually have a lot of contact with parents, where we keep them informed of our progress and where we promote and discuss how we can continue to foster strong relationships. As indicated, the services that are made available to every Winterfold student to ensure their social, emotional and academic well-being include:

  • School Psychologist
  • School Chaplain
  • Learning Support Coordinator
  • The inclusion of the PAThS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) program
  • Literacy and Numeracy Specialist Teachers