English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D)

The English as Second Language/Dialect (EAL/D) Program at Winterfold Primary School aims to support students coming from culturally and linguistically diverse language (CaLD) backgrounds. EAL education aims to support students to become proficient users of Standard Australian English (SAE) for interpersonal and academic purposes. Our aim is to improve their educational opportunities and their acceptance and participation in Australian society.

EAL/D students are those who have English as their second language and who are learning Standard Australian English at school. They include students born  in Australia or overseas, students re- entering Australia after overseas schooling in another language, students with limited or no formal schooling in any country or students who have no or minimal exposure to Standard Australian English.

At school level the EAL/D program at Winterfold Primary School aims to develop culturally inclusive programs that consider cultural diversity across all learning areas. Further we develop our program considering EAL /D students’ linguistic abilities and their cultural identities so as to assist them to continue the process of conceptual development. Our aim is to develop students’ speaking, listening, reading, viewing and writing skills across all learning areas and their ability to function effectively in English in school contexts, social and academic fields and to foster confidence and motivation.

The EAL/D teacher will collaboratively work with mainstream teachers and use a range of approaches when working with students for example, group teaching, joint teaching, withdrawal teaching or one-to-one teaching.