LOTE – Italian

Language other than English (LOTE) – Italian

Students at Winterfold Primary are taught Italian using a semi-immersion approach; as much of the lesson as possible is delivered in Italian, maximising the students’ exposure and therefore learning of the language.

During the junior years the focus is on listening, responding and speaking, progressing to viewing, reading and writing tasks in the middle to senior years. These language skills are taught through a wide variety of learning activities such as songs, games, movement and drama and Smartboard/computer activities. Students have fun, are relaxed and confident about learning Italian and build on previous learning as all workbooks and files are retained from one year to the next. The language skills taught in Italian cross-over and reinforce many of those taught in English. They also learn about Italian culture and traditions, through classroom experiences and incursions/excursions. Senior students are encouraged to set long-term goals and value learning a second language, to continue their studies in high school and beyond.